Dubai Restaurant Serves ‘Most Expensive Biryani’ With 23 Carat Gold! Would You Try It?

This biryani platter is said to be Dubai’s most expensive biryani.


  • This Dubai restaurant launched ‘most expensive biryani’.
  • The biryani platter is served with the garnishing of edible gold leaves.
  • See what all you get in the platter and how much it costs.

Biryani, with its Mughal origin, spells royalty in every grain. The rice-based dish with rich ingredients and deep-set flavours imbued in the juicy meat is something that gets us drooling in every bite. Biryani is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated Indian dishes and is everyone’s favourite too. It is true that we don’t mind paying a little extra for scrumptious foods, but how far can you go to pay for a lavish platter of biryani? Will you be willing to pay a whopping amount of INR 20,000 for it?! We don’t know about you but this Dubai restaurant certainly expects its patrons to pay this much for their special biryani meal, which they claim as ‘Dubai’s most expensive biryani’.

Bombay Borough, a restaurant located in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), recently launched the special biryani plate called the ‘Royal Gold Biryani’. The biryani is served in a large golden plate and is adorned with edible 23 carat gold leaves. The cost of one plate is Dh 1000, which comes out to be close to INR 20000!

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The luxury British-era Indian restaurant with an Indian name serves the huge royal biryani platter containing saffron-infused rice biryani topped with a variety of gold leaf kababs – the Kashmiri lamb seekh kababs, old Delhi lamb chops, Rajput chicken kababs, Mughlai koftas and malai chicken roast. The spread is rounded off with a wide selection of exquisite sauces, curries and raitas.

“It is the exuberant journey to experience Royalty. This royal meal is served in a Thaal and the Gold Biryani is garnished with 23 karat edible Gold. Need we say gold more? Pre-book yours now! Order on the spot will take up to 45 minutes for us to prepare, but we will make sure you have the meal of a lifetime,” wrote the post on the Instagram handle of the restaurant.


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