Do you know WhatsApp has some lesser known features? Check these

Even after facing brickbats due to its controversial privacy policies, WhatsApp continues to be at the helm as compared to messaging platforms like Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp comes with several features that intrigue its user base and further works in favour of the platform. Meanwhile, there are so many other features that are lesser-known to people.

Blue Tick Hide

The blue tick happens when a message is read and if you don’t want the user to know that you read their messages, then it can be done by turning off the ‘Read Recipients.’ For this, you have to go to Settings> Account> Privacy and untick the Read Recipients. 

Hide profile picture

Sometimes a user doesn’t want everyone to see his/her profile picture. WhatsApp gives an option to hide the profile picture. For this, you have to open WhatsApp and go to settings and then click on the privacy button. Here you will find three options with ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’ and ‘Nobody’. You can select an option of your choice.

Replying to a group message privately

Did you know that you can reply to a message in group chats privately? You can send a message to the user in the group privately. To do this on an iPhone, you have to press and hold any group message and after that tap in the ‘More’ option and then ‘Reply Privately’.

Prevent images and videos from entering the gallery

WhatsApp automatically downloads photos and videos and saves them in the phone’s gallery. Every media file is downloaded and there is a loss of both storage and data. To avoid this, users can go to settings and go to storage and data. There will be an option of media auto-download and then there will be options for downloading media files in phone, WiFi, and roaming. All the boxes have to be untouched by just tapping into them and then the auto-download will be off.

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