Tech Trick : Learn How to mute videos on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has finally launched a new feature called Mute Video which was under beta testing earlier. WABetaInfo blog had said that certain users using the app’s beta version received the feature via beta v2.21.3.13 update. 

WhatsApp took to Twitter to announce that the new Mute Video feature will be available for Android users. 

The feature basically allows users to mute a video before sending it to their contact. 

“For your eyes, not your ears. You can now mute the audio on your videos before adding them to your Status or sending in chat. Now available on Android,” WhatsApp tweet reads. 

The new Mute Video feature is available on the video-editing screen and a new volume icon pops up under the seek bar, by clicking on which will mute the outgoing video. The feature will be of great help to those users who want to share their videos without any audio disturbance in the background.

Currently, it is only available on Android and there is no information on when it will be available on iOS.

Here are the simple steps you can follow to remove the unwanted screeching audio file from your video.

STEP 1: First up, open the WhatsApp app on Google Play Store and click the update option (in case the automatic download option is turned on then the app should already receive the update)

STEP 2: Once the app is updated to its latest version, launch it on your device.

STEP 3: The Mute Video feature is available both for individual chat and Status mode.

STEP 4: To make use of the new mute video feature, record a video (either on chat tile or Status)

STEP 5: Once you are done recording, you will see a volume icon at the top left corner, tap on it to mute video and you are all set to send the soundless outgoing video to the respective recipient.

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