PlayStation 5: Batman skins for PS5 and Xbox Series X have entered production – Times of India

The next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are going to get Batman skins, as per a report by GameRant. The skins featuring The Dark Knight has been designed by Pope, a designer who goes by the Twitter handle of @POPeART_
Batman is, well, let’s just say one of the most widely recognised comic book characters in the world. As per the report, the Batman-themes skins were conceptualized last year by the designer and have gone in for production this year.

Batman apart from comics and films, has also been present in video games. Rocksteady Studios Arkham series of game let you play as the Caped Crusader in third person. The first game in the series, Batman: Arkham Asylum, came out in 2009 and featured an older, seasoned Batman. The next game Arkham City was launched in 2011 and had Dr. Hugo Strange as the main antagonist. Arkham City is widely considered to have the best story in all the Arkham series games. Batman: Arkham Origins was the next Batman adventure featuring a Batman from his early years. The game’s storyline sees a bounty being put on the head of The Dark Knight by Black Mask, and the other villains in the DC Universe trying to kill The Bat. The last game, Batman: Arkham Knight, released in 2015, and had Bruce Wayne investigate and apprehend the criminals of Gotham who have teamed up.
Arkham Knight was the last Batman video game by Rocksteady Studios. The video game developer is said to be working on another game set in the DC Universe called Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

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