Is Adidas giving free shoes on Women’s Day? Don’t fall for this WhatsApp scam

Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has become vulnerable to different kinds of scams that often con users with dubious offers. Certain offers that look too good to be true are often forwarded through this instant messaging service. The latest WhatsApp scam is on an offer by Adidas for women on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Nowadays, a WhatsApp message with a link saying “Adidas Women’s Day gift” is being circulated which claims to be an offer from Adidas giving away 1 million pairs of shoes for Women’s Day. At the first glance, the link itself looks suspicious given the nature of the message. Besides that, there are also some other things to notice such as the URL which misspelled the word “Adidas” as “Adidass”.

If a user clicks on the link, it takes you to a whole new page with the message, “Congratulations! You have a chance to get free shoes provided by Adidas for Women’s Day.” There’s also a picture of a pair of Adidas shoes on the page. On top, the Adidas logo is visible with buttons for the menu, search tool, and shopping bag. But these buttons aren’t clickable.

The link should not be clicked in the first place as that looks suspicious in nature and any message or link claiming to offer something for “free” should be avoided at all costs. WhatsApp also labels such messages as “forwarded” or “frequently forwarded” which should serve as a warning.

In order to be safe, it is important to avoid such suspicious messages, and also avoid sending it to other contacts. This can be an easy way for hackers to dupe users who may fall prey to such tricks and scams.

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