Call it ‘the Crypt’: Where does Arena rank among all NBA arena names?

So it’s a done deal — Staples Center is changing its name to Arena.

Also NBA Twitter has signed off — its nickname will heretofore be “the Crypt.”

Of course.

The official name change doesn’t happen until Dec. 25, but folks in L.A. started using the moniker almost immediately after the news broke Monday night.

Just like that, the home of the Lakers, Clippers (for now), Sparks and Kings has one of the coolest sports arena nicknames around.

Which really helps make up for the new official name, which is kind of awkward.

With corporations owning the naming rights to most major sporting venues these days, a good nickname is crucial, although there are a few cases in which the official name is pretty spectacular itself.

Where does Arena/the Crypt rank among NBA arena names/nicknames (or potential nicknames)?

Here’s a completely subjective ranking, listed in reverse order:

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