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It is not without reason that Apple iPhones are considered one of the best phones worldwide. Performance, features, camera, security and safety — an iPhone has it all — so says the fans. Over the years, there also have been stories of how iPhones have survived for days at the bottoms of lakes and drops from huge heights. Adding to the list is the story of a pilot who dropped his iPhone on the runway right before the aircraft was about to take off.
The incident occurred at the Orlando Executive Airport in the US. The pilot of a Seminole aircraft accidentally dropped his iPhone on the runway. It is not clearly known how the pilot dropped his iPhone. However, he managed to alert the air traffic control (ATC) who relayed the details to the Air traffic control tower.
The iPhone was then found by the team on the runway once the traffic was cleared. And to everyone’s surprise, the device had not faced any damage. The screen did not break either and was completely intact.
The conversation between the air traffic control crew at the airport is available in the video below:

Here’s the conversation as it happens in the video above.
Operations 2: “I’m holding at A8, holding short of runway 7. I’ve got a pilot from a Seminole who says he dropped his iPhone on the runway.”
Air traffic control tower: “OK, where on the runway?”
Operations 2: “He looked on his satellite and said it’s about a thousand feet down, just to the right of the centre line. We’re gonna try to find it.”
After a few moments, the air traffic control gives the go-ahead to look for the iPhone on the runway once traffic is clear.
Operations 2: “Hey we found it!”
Air traffic control tower: “Alright… be a good story for Apple if he turns it on and it works.”
Operations 2: “It’s working!” Now the Orlando Ground control enters the conversation.
Orlando ground: “How shattered is the screen?”
Operations 2: “No, it’s in perfect shape and it works!”
Orlando ground: No way!
Operations 2: “And the satellite thing had it identically where exactly where it was.”
Orlando ground: “That thing has gotta be wrapped in like a concrete block or something.”
Operations 2: “It’s working fine.”
Orlando ground: “No way an iPhone fell off a plane going 50-60 miles an hour and didn’t break the screen.”
Operations 2: “Well, we got a new endorsement here!”
Orlando ground: “I still don’t believe you. I mean, I’m not actually trying to call you a liar, but I’ve never seen an iPhone fall more than four feet and not break in half.” You can hear the conversation via the video attached below.

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